Welcome to Ivory Media

We are a Cambridgeshire based company with various different skills

As a company who works predominantly online, Ivory Media has been set up to showcase the profiles of Ivory Graphics and Personalised Playing Cards alike. As you will be able to see from our extensive portfolio in digital media, we take things seriously.

It will probably come as no surprise to most of you that Ivory Media have branched off into the world of Website Design. With our expertise in the marketing industry and our eye for quirky designs and zesty creations, we have spent some time developing our skills in the website design industry. After a long hard search we have employed a team of expert web developers who are capable of producing practically anything.

From technically excellent websites to those which boast beautiful designs, Ivory Media have a solution for you. Our web developers offer an extensive portfolio which you can view on request and you will be able to see, we do nothing by half. We always seek 100% customer satisfaction and work to meet your requirements, so the design call is crucial. This is the point where we cover the specifics of your site. Whether you are seeking a brand new build or the refurbishment of a site you currently have, Ivory Media in Cambridgeshire fit the bill, offering a can-do attitude and reliability in terms of meeting your deadlines and creating websites similar to that of an artistic masterpiece.

So now that you have read a tiny bit about us, feel free to pop over and see what we are all about via our portfolio page. When you get there you will find links to our two websites Personalised Playing Cards & Ivory Graphics. Create personalised playing cards and choose printing options online today. Our playing card printing services and online card creator can help you create the perfect gift for someone you know.